The research of ExPlab is broadly classified into two groups- sample preparation from excitonic materials and their optical characterization. We have facilities to make monolayer and bi-layer heterostructure transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) using mechanical exfoliation of the bulk materials. We also transfer monolayer TMDs on patterned SiO2/Si substrates.  

ExP lab has the following facilities:

  1. Exciton transport measurement under static and spatiotemporal controlled strain environments
  2. Atomic force microscopy
  3. Near field scanning optical microscope
  4. Photoluminescence spectrum analysis(up to 4K)
  5. Probe station for electrical measurement
  6. Dip coater
  7. Thermal vapor deposition attached to nitrogen glovebox.   

We also have access to the  Lurie Nanofabricaiton Facility at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.