Hybrid charge transfer stateA person working in a labA close up of a view with atoms in a mesh-like connectionA person working in a labA close-up of an item with a sharp tipA blue graph with protruding yellow higher partsCryostat benchNitride

The mission of the group is to study quantum optics phenomenon at nanoscale and develop novel excitonics and photonic components for data processing and communication. The schematic outlines the generic idea, showing the different transformations in a futuristic system using on-chip optical interconnects. The goals of ExP lab are (i) to develop on-chip photonic interconnects and (ii) to replace electronic devices by the excitonics counterparts. To achieve this, the group’s research has been categorized into the following categories:

1) Exciton Transport

2) Excitonic Devices 

3) Photonic Devices

4) Exciton-Cavity Polariton